Sports Performance Training

Triform Yourself With The Best Sports Specific Training in New Jersey!

All of our services are mobile in NJ! ​​We bring all of the training equipment to you. 
We conduct personal (1-2), group (3-6), or team (7+) sessions.

Become A Better Athlete
For all ages and levels ranging from youth, college, and pros
Times have changed and it is not enough to just be skillful anymore.  You need to be an outstanding athlete to keep up in your sport.  Train in an insane atmosphere while we help you reach your goals through your own personalized program.  Each clients program will be tailored to their specific needs and sport after a scientific assesment from our Strength & Conditioning Coaches.  Do not get left behind and start becoming that athlete today!
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Program Components:

  • Develop stronger muscles
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Teach proper running mechanics
  • Improve stride length & frequency
  • Increase explosivness
  • Improve lateral power
  • Develop farther range of motion
  • Allows muscles to work optimally 
  • Improve change of direction
  • Increase first step quickness 
  • Increase endurance
  • Improve stamina
Injury Prevention
  • Improve confidence
  • Focus on reaching goals
  • Strengthen large & small muscle groups
  • Increase flexibility & mobility
  • Engange the core in all movements
  • 90% of the time athletes are on 1 leg
TST in Action
  1. Sports Performance | #1
    Took Ironbound SC through some agility drills with progressions and a strength circuit.
  2. Sports Performance | #2
    Caldwell University men's soccer team works closely with us during the off-season.
  3. GK Specific Agility
    These drills improve a goalkeepers hand eye coordination, along with agility.
  4. Agility Training on Foam
    Training on foam is similar to training on sand, it takes agility training to a new level.
  5. Sports Performance | #3
    Working on the players reactions and first step during this team agility session.
  6. Sports Performance | #4
    Helping improve FC Europa's strength and power with these beginner exercises.
  7. Change of Direction
    Here we are focusing on the change of directions.
  8. Sports Performance | #5
    Helping improve the players speed and agility, while incorporating the ball.